Preparation for work in 6th Form

In Sixth Form, there is an emphasis on learning taking place in the wider community, opening up the world beyond school for the students and enabling them to develop the skills and confidence to move into adulthood successfully. Students work towards accreditations rooted in preparation for work.

Lunch Bunch Bakery

Our weekly pop-up café, 'Rumbling Tums' is well established and has previously been based in the Sixth Form centre.  Previously, it has been managed and staffed by Sixth Form students, with food ordered from a local bakery 'Burns the Bread' and served to invited groups of customers.

This year students are taking their revised ‘Lunch Bunch’ café ‘on the road’ in the local community. Students will be launching their new pop up cafe and bakery delivery service.

During café learning, students will work towards Entry Level 3 ‘Employability Skills’ or Level 1 ‘Certificate in Business and Enterprise’; exploring appropriate customer service, managing money and the skills needed to run a business successfully. Pre-Entry learners will focus on developing communication skills, baking skills and personal care routines (ASDAN ‘Towards Independence’ modules). Where appropriate, most students will be supported to develop their understanding of safe food handling, to gain a Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene qualification.


Every week, students will have the opportunity to plan a meal, go shopping to find and buy the ingredients and prepare a meal for their peers. Entry and Post-Entry learners will work towards a level 1 Home Cooking skills accreditation (BTEC) and Pre-Entry learners will develop their baking and personal care routines (ASDAN ‘Towards Independence’ modules).


Enterprise is a valuable part of the Sixth Form curriculum that promotes students' understanding of how to run a business. Pre-Entry learners will participate in sensory Enterprise projects, developing their communication, fine motor and personal care skills. Students working at Entry Level 3 work towards an ‘Award in Enterprise Skills' accreditation (NCFE Exam Board). Students working at Level 1 will continue to demonstrate progress towards a ‘Certificate in Business and Enterprise’. Students are supported to work collaboratively with each other; learning how to manage money, design and make high quality items and manage orders.  These are essential skills our learners need to develop to prepare them for adulthood.


In Sixth Form we actively strive to identify maximum opportunities for our young adults to work in the local community and for local people to recognise the value of our learners. Volunteering is timetabled in the 6th Form curriculum to enable our students to demonstrate how they can support their local community. Previously students have volunteered at a local authority conference handing out information leaflets, served refreshments to visitors and worked on community garden projects in Red Brick Building.

Work Experience Placements

Work experience placements are tailored to suit students' needs and interests. Students may participate in a short block or weekly work experience either within the school environment or out in the community. Previously, 6th Form work experience placements have included: a cafe, working alongside a gardener to complete garden maintenance at a local care home, a bakery and car mechanics.


Citizenship is not taught as an isolated subject in 6th Form as it is embedded across the curriculum.  Our primary aim is to prepare our students for adulthood, developing their confidence, independence and understanding of their local and wider community.

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