Aims and Ethos

Learning environment

  •  High challenge and high achievement
  •  Learning opportunities which are fun and engaging
  •  Pupils inspired to learn
  •  Partnership working, with pupils and parents in particular, maximising each pupil’s opportunities for success.


We aim for all our pupils           

  • to learn skills for life, work and leisure
  • to learn to communicate effectively, express emotions appropriately and interact positively
  • to learn to make positive healthy choices for themselves

We aim for all our pupils

  • to develop strategies for problem solving and become increasingly independent
  • to develop spiritually, becoming reflective, creative individuals
  • to develop their participation as citizens of a local, national, global community

We aim for all our pupils

  •  to become motivated, enthusiastic lifelong learners who achieve highly
  •  to become confident, sociable, well rounded individuals who are considerate and respectful towards others regardless of difference
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