Preparation for Adulthood

In 2016 we asked parent/carers what was the most important area of focus for their young person at school. The overwhelming response was that of preparing our young people for adulthood. The curriculum has been further developed in order to achieve this. Avalon’s focus is on enabling all of our learners to develop skills for the whole of their life, so that they become increasingly independent, enabling them to find their place in the wider community and be prepared for adulthood. We focus on the following outcomes:

·         Employment

·         Independent living

·         Community inclusion

These are embedded across our curriculum> In some classes the timetable makes it explicit and in others less so, reflecting the range of learners and how the offer is differentiated across the school

We are working with our community to:

·         Personalise our approach

·         Develop a shared vision

·         Improve post 16 options and support

·         Raise aspirations

·         Plan services together

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