Talented Avalon Artists selling £1,000 of art work in a week!

Talented Avalon Artists selling £1,000 of art work in a week!

Avalon School in Street started an art enterprise group on a Friday lunch time lead by Laura McCathie, which has had unexpected results. The work the students produced was so outstanding staff began commissioning them to produce artwork for them; it soon became clear that they could not keep up with demand.

As a result, the school is having prints made in a range of sizes from Limited Edition canvasses to post card size prints, which can be purchased framed or unframed. It is now branching out to produce mugs, cards and soon tote bags, all printed with the art work.

The cards, mugs and bags will be released to the open market on Friday 22nd at the schools Fun Friday event.

The art work has been displayed in various settings across the county. This began with an opportunity from Dylan Thomas at Createspace who first offered us the opportunity to display our art work and it was as a result from the positive feedback, we sought to display the work more widely.

“It’s a real privilege to have your student’s work in our space, and we’ve had such great feedback, both about the work, and also from Linda Robey, our artist in residence when they came in, who was just thrilled with their interest and enthusiasm. Good news – we sold the largest of the originals today for £100”

To date it has been displayed in Taunton and Street libraries, County Hall – Taunton, Glastonbury, Wells and most recently Clarks HQ and distribution Centre. In one week there was an order of over £1,000 from staff at Clarks ranging from the sale of an original at £300 to framed prints at £10.

Students and Julie Walker the lead for preparation for adulthood for Avalon school went to Clarks for the launch of the art displays and the talked to groups of employees about the paintings, the students returned to school brimming with confidence and pride.

Craig Muxlow at Clarks said

“both the students really impressed me with the way they got stuck in and dealt with any questions in a confident and mature manner.  I think they are a credit to the school and hope they took a way some positives from the experience”

The students said they would like to

“thank Craig and Becky for inviting us and giving us the opportunity to speak out and display our work. It was scary because there were lots of people we did not know but we were really proud we did it”

The hugely appreciative responses from members of the public who have purchased their art are a delight to read and thoroughly affirm the talent of Avalon’s students, said the Head Teacher Alison Murkin. The feedback has included:

 "The paintings give so much pleasure and every time I look at them I see something else, but always something incredibly beautiful.  They bring a peace and tranquillity too…..truly incredible”

This work is so inspiring and gorgeous.”

 “Thank you again and what a pleasure it is to have the opportunity to now own one of these prints. The back story that goes with them all is truly amazing and shows just what you can do with support, ambition, pride, and talent.  These young people are far more talented than I will ever be.  I could never produce something so beautiful as these prints.  I know my limitations!!

I never fail to be inspired and impressed by our young people.  Thank you, and please thank them and their families.

I will advertise these far and wide.    Here’s to many sales and a hydro-pool asap. 

I’d love to visit the pool and who knows….take dip!”

“Just to say thank you for doing all the leg work and delivery

Here are a couple of pictures to show the students and to show why the black frames. They look amazing in my room and coordinate perfectly with my colour scheme. I can’t stop looking at them"

“I really, really, loved all of the paintings in the ‘visitors’ room, but especially the middle, green one.

Could I possibly purchase and pick up tomorrow?”

 Attached are a number of images of original paintings, created by Avalon’s Key Stage 4 art enterprise club.

 We are proud of our school and proud of all of our students’ achievements.  If you would like to visit do give us a call or email the school office, visitors are welcome. If you are a business who would like to work with the school and offer opportunities, or would like to help us sell our art work we would love to talk to you! Please visit our website to see more designs  http://www.avalonschool.net/enterprise-artwork

Phone number: 01458 443081

Email: sch.610@educ.somerset.gov.uk

Posted by Laura on June 13th 2018

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