Song Story Project

3AK and 3LS students have been busy participating in workshops at our school and working with visiting musicians Will, Flora and Saffron. These students performed in a exciting music project 'Song Story'. The project ‘Song Story’ was a collaboration of music and drama with Avalon, Elmwood, Critchill and Selworthy Schools working together. The project was based around the piece of music ‘Four Seasons’ by Vivaldi. There was a combination of composing, playing, singing and performing. On Wednesday 29th June, there was a big celebration performance with everyone coming together to perform the whole piece at Robert Blake Science College. Gemma and Lorna were very impressed with Avalon students' bravery, listening and concentration both on stage performing but also when sat in the audience, waiting and listening.

Posted by Laura on July 1st 2016

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