Languages Afternoon

KS3 held a languages afternoon on Tuesday 2nd February. Each class chose a country from around the world and learn about the culture, food and language spoken there. We then made a traditional dish from that country and presented it to the rest of KS3 in the hall so that we all tasted and experienced a range of different cuisines. 

3AK focused on China and made stir fried Chinese noodles. They looked at the difference between a school day in China compared to the UK and shared what they had found out with the rest of the pupils. 3LS looked at Jamaica and made mango smoothies. They also played the drums to some reggae music to extend the experience to our other senses. 3LM studied Latvia because one of the TAs, Irena, is from Latvia so she helped them to make Latvian pancakes and showed us a Latvian dance. 3VM learned all about Greece and looked at the different letters in the Greek alphabet. They also made bread and we tried Feta cheese with it. Finally, 3MR looked at Italy. They made fresh pasta and also shared pizza and garlic bread with us. 

The children really enjoyed experiencing all of these different languages and foods and we were really impressed with how willing they were to try unfamiliar foods.

Posted by Laura on February 10th 2016

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