Hydrotherapy Pool Appeal makes headline news

School nears funding target for new £1m hydrotherapy pool

The race is on for a school in Street to raise the final funds needed to build a life-changing hydrotherapy pool. 

Pupils, staff and supporters have been busy trying to raise just over £1m to build the facility and are thrilled to be heading into the final stage of their fundraising.

The school who caters for children with physical and learning disabilities has raised well over £800,000 towards its target and support continues to come in form sources near and far, as the school aims to reach its target by the Summer.

Avalon's pupils themselves have been enterprising ehnough to stage a selling exhibition of their beautiful paintings and prints to help the appeal.  They are hard at work painting to meet demand from their County Hall show and for other venues keen to show their work.

Feedback has been amazing and artworks are flying off the walls.  Prints can now be ordered through the school.

Pupils also invited James Heappey, their local MP, to see the school and share plans for the pool. Mr Heappey, who was greatly impressed by the school's exceptional achievements said; "This will cost £1 million but will be invaluable for the children and our community.  They have £200,000 left to raise and I was truly humbled by their amaziing fundraising efforts so far"

Avalon School is building the pool because there's a shortage of hydrotherapy facilities in the area.  Currently students and staff have to make a 50 mile round trip to their nearest pool.

For pupils and those in the community with disabilities, life -limiting illnesses, special needs, autism, sensory processing issues and conditions like arthritis and Parkinsons, hydrotherapy is life-changing.

The school's aim is for the community in mid-Somerset to have access to the facility so as many people as possible can benefit.

Mendip District Council has given the plans for the pool the green light, so as soon as the funds have been raised, the school can start building work.

Pupils are still seeking donations from residents and businesses to make their dream a reality.

Donations can be accepted through the school or via www.givey.com/friendsofavalonpta

Posted by Avalon School on April 12th 2018

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