Haynes Motor Museum

3D have been learning about the history of transport and the way this has changed peoples’ lives.  On Friday 19th May we visited Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford to learn more about the way cars have developed from the earliest three wheeled vehicle to present day racing cars.

We began in the Education Centre with a welcome from Matt Piper, the museum’s curator. He asked us questions about what we had been learning and was impressed with how much we knew! Dylan remembered that the first car was built in 1886 and William could list many types of transport and could explain why they were used in different places.

Then it was time to tour the museum. We started with the first car, the Benz Wagon, and as Dylan had remembered most about it, he was allowed to be Karl Benz and pretend to drive, picking up his passenger William on the way.

Matt then showed us how cars gradually became safer and more comfortable. Morgan was the chauffeur of King Edward (David) and Queen Alexandra (Alana) in a 1905 Daimler. The royal couple were warm in the back with a roof and windows, but Morgan had to wear huge bearskin gloves as the driving seat was open to the weather! 

The rest of the morning was spent looking at the huge range of vehicles in the museum, from a tiny bubble car to an enormous 1930s Duesenberg which Matt told us could be worth as much as 3 million pounds! William even got the chance to sit in an old Formula One car – he had to slide into the seat and almost lie down as the space was so tiny. We also found a car with the same name as one of us. Can you guess what it’s called? 

In the afternoon we all had the chance to ride round the Haynes race track in a Bentley limousine, which was great fun. We all said how comfortable the leather seats were. Derek, our driver, explained that the car was very heavy to drive, as it was invented before power steering.

After this, there was just enough time left to find our favourite cars in the museum. Dorian chose a Dodge and David a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. 

Matt met us back at the Education Centre to say goodbye. We were very proud as he said we were “an absolute pleasure to show around “and congratulated us on our ‘museum manners’ and the way we asked and answered questions.

On the minibus on the way home we couldn’t stop talking about our day. Alana said “I really, really loved that place “and David was already planning a return visit! 

Posted by Avalon School on May 19th 2017

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