An Evening With Mary Berry




We are delighted that Mary Berry, courtesy of the local Glastonbury and Street Rotary Club, provided an evening of much laughter and enjoyment as she talked with Claire Carter of BBC Somerset about her life and her baking. Mary was self-effacing and entertaining.

The event rapidly sold out from the point of sale and the theatre was full! Mary fans in the audience also had the opportunity to ask Mary about their own baking conundrums and about her top tips.

Mary was delighted to receive a raspberry and cream cake made by the Key stage 4 pupils of Avalon School, who take their baking seriously. She also provided a vivid description and brief critique of its merits for the benefit of the audience!

This wonderful event was the inspiration of Mary’s brother William, a member of the local Rotary Club. It is set to raise a good sum of money towards the hydrotherapy pool, a valuable resource for all with mobility challenges in our community.

Heartfelt thanks go to Mary and William; Jon Fear; President of the Rotary Club and to Claire Carter and Amuse Bouche, the impromptu choir which entertained us all.

Congratulations are also in order for both Mary and William who were surprised with a presentation of the ‘Paul Harris Fellow Award’- the highest accolade of The Rotary Club, in recognition of the exceptional amount of money they have raised for charity towards the eradication of polio around the world.

Posted by Laura on December 13th 2016

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