In early November KS4 went on a group visit to Bristol Zoo for some practical and very up close and personal animal encounters which were a very engaging way for pupils to contribute towards gaining their Science accreditation. 

KS4EM have been learning about 'Endangered Species' and therefore were able to immerse themselves in such a inspiring multi-sensory experience at the zoo. Pupils were working on identifying animals, communicating about the animals and tracking and showing sustained interest in animals movements. Jessica was lucky enough to have the opportunity to hold a giant African land snail and was able to handle it safely and sensibly- naming and pointing to the shell, eyes and 'foot' (good listening to the zoo keeper Jessica!) . Henry was very engaged by the sea-lions and was keen to sit and watch them for a long time as they dived in and out of the water for fish. 

Posted by Laura on November 6th 2017

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