3D at the Farm

3D had a wonderful time at Hazelhurst Farm on 30th September. We learnt about the  animals that live on the farm, including goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs and Ramalamadingdong the ram, whose strange noises made us all laugh! 

We sampled the farm's sausages as part of our learning about how our food comes from 'farm to fork' and worked hard in the vegetable garden, clearing a whole bed of beetroot and preparing it for cooking. Back at school we have made beetroot bread, beetroot dye for tie-dye T shirts, model lambs from unspun sheeps' wool and apple cake from the windfalls Joy gave us - all part of learning how natural materials can be used in different ways.  Thanks to Joy for all the exciting activities - we hope to visit again later in the year.

Posted by Laura on October 21st 2016

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