Music Therapy


Music therapy is a regular and important part of some pupils' weekly timetable. It is provided by Hazel Luckwill, one and a half days a week. It is hoped that from November she will be joined by a second therapist delivering an additional half day a week. Both music therapists have undertaken the recognised professional training at post graduate level and are registered with the Health Care and Professions Council. Hazel has provided the information below about her work as a music therapist at our school.

'Music therapy encourages children and young people to use musical play to explore interaction, communication, relationship building and emotional expression. It is not about learning an instrument and there is no necessity to have any existing musical skills. All the instruments provided are accessible by all and the young people are encouraged to explore them freely, supported by the therapist’s music. There is no right or wrong and the interaction in the session is based on the young person's expressions as communicated through his or her musical play. In this way an open, interactive and safe relationship can be formed in which they may feel safe to:

  • express difficult or complex emotions

  • explore the world of communication

  • make links between the music and their own life and experiences

The individual aims of therapy will be different for each young person and will be agreed between the therapist and the referrer prior to work starting. However, typically they may include:

  • providing emotional support 

  • enabling children to identify and manage feelings

  • enabling children to express themselves

  • building self confidence 

  • exploring communication and interaction skills

  • developing social and relationship skills

Music therapy sessions remain largely confidential, although safeguarding is maintained at all times. However, I do provide some general verbal feedback to staff as relevant and provide written reports on pupils' progress which are shared with parents and carers. during the school year.'

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