We are working with Somerset County Council to be part of the SEND Academy Programme which will target a smaller number of young people who attend special schools within Somerset and will create bespoke and individualised experiences, capitalising on the ambitions of the young people and their families regarding their progress from education into work.  The age range for this will be year 12 and 13.

It is recognised that the Supported Internship model is an effective approach to enabling young people with SEND to gain employment. This approach includes significant job related support, known as job-coaching, within the host employer. This meets both the needs of the learner and enables the employer to feel confident that robust support and training will be in place for individuals within their company.

Within this project, we would look to create Supported Internship type approaches between education providers and local young people with SEND. Our aspiration would be that these young people progress to employment either within the company or another appropriate manufacturing company within their local area. They may also progress on to Further Education into one of our Project SEARCH sites or Supported Internship study programmes.

The programme would consist of work experience placements within a host organisation, supported by a job-coach and recorded/evaluated through their school. This will include the completion of vocational profiling and job-matching to maximise the chances of success into eventual paid employment for the young people we are working with.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2:

Spring 1:

Spring 2:

Summer 1:

Summer 2:


Training of staff regarding job coaching and systematic instruction

Young people and Family discussions- identification of interested learners and employers

Information event with employers and young people

Host employer visit for each young person

Identification of roles available within each host

Begin job analysis

Host employer visit for young person with specific activity such as travel training or orientation activity on site

Host employer visit for young person with specific activity such as travel training or orientation activity on site

Meetings with employers and job coaches/young people


Visits to host employers

Re-visit job analysis per internship rotation

Initial work placements


6 x 3 hrs

Continued work placement

6x3 hrs

Review of rotation for each learner

Update vocational profile

Hold employment planning meeting hosted by young person

Begin 2nd placement

6x3 hrs

Complete 2 placement

6x 3 hrs

Review of 2nd placement

Learning from first two rotations

End of year employment planning meeting supported by school

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