Why is hydrotherapy so important?


  • As part of their individual programmes these students require regular hydrotherapy to maintain mobility and strengthen their muscles. 

  • Hydrotherapy is their only access to independent movement which is so important for their emotional well-being and self-esteem as well as their physical health. 

  • In this relaxed, warm, comfortable environment pupils often develop their communication skills.  It is also an opportunity for dedicated one-to-one intensive interaction sessions for those at the earliest stages of communication development.

  • Within our pupil population we have students with life limiting conditions for whom increased access to hydrotherapy is often particularly valuable. 

    Currently our young people are only able to access a maximum of twenty minutes hydrotherapy a week which, due to the distance of the pool from the school, results in their being out of school from 9.30am – 12.00pm together with a lengthy minibus journey for this small gain: they miss significant curriculum time for a meagre period of hydrotherapy. 

    These youngsters would greatly benefit from more frequent hydrotherapy sessions throughout the week.  There are no hydrotherapy pools within an hour’s distance from the school which have any further availability for our young people.  We have been on a waiting list for two pools for almost two years.

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