The need in our area

There is no Hydrotherapy Pool close to Avalon School - at present our pupils, and a significant number of disabled people from the local community travel to Bridgwater. Though helpful, the facilities there are not ideal, and the sessions are limited to just 20 minutes, when pupils would benefit from much longer sessions.

Because of the journey, a great deal of the therapeutic benefit of the hydrotherapy sessions is eroded by the stresses and physical efforts of a 25-mile journey in an adapted minibus. For our most severely disabled young people – often those who would benefit the most – the journey is simply too long and attending the pool is impossible. They have no hydrotherapy, and miss out on the many benefits.

In short, the sessions are not nearly frequent enough, not of the optimum type, and the travelling presents significant problems for the young people. The on-site facility would allow young people regular, easy access to an optimum facility, with their use a part of a wide-ranging physiotherapy programme. We know there are many other people in the local area that would benefit greatly, too. 

The pool would be available for use by other groups and individuals within the community as there is a recognised lack of this type of provision in our area.  We have already had strong interest expressed by groups of young people and adults from educational, health care and voluntary settings who would seek to use the pool on a regular basis.  We are aware of over 30 interested groups, including special schools in nearby towns, and other types of user from mother and baby groups to residential care homes and third sector groups.

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