An overview of the housing options available in Somerset to people with additional needs, the support available and further information and resources.

A fundamental component of the Care Act is the 'suitability of accommodation' in meeting care and support needs. For more information see sections 15.48 to 15.68 of the Care Act Guidance www.gov.uk/government/publications/care-act-statutory-guidance/care-and-support-statutory-guidance

Housing must now be considered as part of an assessment process, including providing advice on housing options. The right type of housing can successfully promote independence, and people should be encouraged to use mainstream routes into housing as far as possible.

Where an individual has eligible care and support needs the social care team should first identify the most suitable type(s) of housing option available and begin working on this. When suitable housing is found the eligible care and/or support solutions should be sourced.

For the majority of individuals this should be through Homecare Framework, for individuals with learning disabilities or mental health needs this should be through the Learning Disability Open

Framework (LDOF) process. For further guidance on LDOF process please contact ldopenframework@somerset.gov.uk

For people in Somerset who are known to us, any unmet or future housing needs should be identified as early as possible and registered (if aged over 16) with their local housing authority. This registration on a system called ‘Homefinder Somerset’ will inform local housing authorities of the current and future housing needs when they are developing their housing plans, particularly where there are specific housing needs such as ground floor accommodation.

Choice Based Lettings (CBL) applications may require medical or social care information as evidence for housing priority (bandings), so it is important that this evidence of need is obtained before the application is completed, for example if someone is ambulant but needs ground floor accommodation they may have to obtain medical evidence to justify this request.

As part of the “What Matters to Me” conversation, the needs or wishes of the individual should identify what is important to them such as being more independent, being happy where they live, living somewhere else or living with different people. The Home Identification document can help answer the question “What I want and need my home to be like”


People should be supported to access appropriate housing options which give them control over where they live, who they live with and how they are supported.


Click here to visit the Somerset Choices website for Somerset's local offer and information about services and care avaliable in Somerset.

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