Enterprise Programmes

Enterprise is a key area of development for the school. We believe it is an excellent means of creating purpose for learning for our students and making the link between effort and money as well as developing a huge range of other skills for example:

•          Improved communication skills

•          Improved money recognition and maths skills

•          Breakdown barriers between the public and our students

•          Increase employability skills

•          Develop an understanding of how business works

•          Team work & problem solving

•          Increased enthusiasm by creating clear purpose for learning

•          Increased self-confidence

•          Willingness to take responsibility and show initiative

•          Time management

The 6th form run Rumbling Tums a weekly pop up café and delivery service – café invites parents, carers and the local community. Baked goods are pre-ordered from a local bakery, delivered to sixth form , who sell them for a profit in the café, pre-order delivery service for staff. This is in its second year.

In addition to the café is a healthy food tuck shop, this is a weekly tuck shop/trolley run by sixth form selling pre-prepared and packaged healthy food and drinks to KS3 and KS4 pupils.

Upcycling furniture was another Sixth Form project where they initially bought 2 bedside tables and 4 dining chairs from a local charity shop, which they upcycled and sold the for a profit. Since then they have worked on commissioned pieces with staff bringing in furniture to be upcycled.

KS4 Art enterprise club have produced some amazing art work and have been taking commissions and selling for a healthy profit. They have exhibited at a local community art exhibition.  Click here for details of artwork for sale.

A range of other products has also been developed to tie in with key calendar events throughout the year.  Here are just a few examples;

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