At Avalon School we are passionate about encouraging and enabling learner voice. With a  person-centered approach to planning, students, as able, are encouraged to articulate their dreams and aspirations for their future.

When young people start at Avalon parents too, outline in their own words, their aspirations for their young person's skills and life in adulthood. We regularly check together with our parents and students that our curriculum and opportunities are the right ones, enabling all students to progress towards achieving the skills, independence and life that they are seeking. 

Some students, as appropriate, aspire to enter the world of work. Whilst research by Mencap indicates that currently only 6% of the 65% of adults with learning difficulties who wish to work have paid employment, their research also identifies that significant employment of these adults would result in considerable benefit to our economy.

In addition, some of our students and families aspire, as appropriate, for opportuntities to develop practical, social and communciation skills and enjoyment in leading a fuller life, through volunteering.

Whilst opportuntities for internship are in development, our school programme currently provides all of the other curricuulm strands outlined below:


Enterprise Programmes

Work Related Learning

Work Experience


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