Top Tip

Bank account- where a child needs support to manage their own account it will be easier if an account is opened before they are 16 with the parent also named on the account.

Advice for parents would be as an appointee open a second account in their own name to keep any benefits separate (this is where the child doesn’t have capacity)

If a parent becomes a Deputy then they can open an account in the child’s name regardless of age, as a Deputyship order (for property and affairs) gives complete authority regarding all aspect of a person’s finances.

Guidance regarding applying for Deputyship ( most parents the DWP will contact them directly regarding Appointeeship to look after DWP benefits)  A great resource is the OPG website this covers not only Deputyships but also Lasting Power of Attorney and Guardianship.

Click here to visit the Somerset Choices website for Somerset's local offer and information about services and care avaliable in Somerset.

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