We are currently on a journey to achieve Artsmark status. We want to celebrate our strengths in what we already do within our inclusive creative curriculum alongside the development and enrichment of our arts provision.

Our aim is to inspire our pupils through arts by incorporating it into every pupil’s life and learning. We recognise the unique power of the arts in supporting pupils social and emotional wellbeing and communication and this will be at the forefront of our Artsmark journey.

What is Artsmark?

Managed by Arts Council England, Artsmark is a national award scheme which recognises schools with a high provision in the arts. The scheme encourages schools to consider the opportunities they offer in art, dance, drama and music. By gaining an Artsmark, a school shows its commitment to the wider development of young people and teachers and to raising the profile of the arts in the school.

Artsmark aims to develop arts and culture based activity across the school in order to encompass an enriched and inclusive curriculum where the arts are embedded into a broader school strategy. There are 7 key principles within Arts Mark which include:

·       Striving for excellence and innovation

·       Being authentic

·       Being exiting, inspiring and engaging

·       Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience

·       Actively involving young people

·       Enabling personal progression

·       Developing belonging and ownership

What are ‘The Arts’?

Arts are the way in which we express our creativity, perspective and feelings about the world, through music, dance and drama. ‘The Arts’ covers a broad range of subjects including visual art, textile design, photograph and creative media, music, dance, drama and storytelling.

The Arts at Avalon

At Avalon School we place a crucial importance on the arts. In addition to discreet Arts sessions, Music, drama, Creative writing, dance and visual arts are embedded across the curriculum. We provide a wide range of inclusive opportunities and enrichment opportunities including lunchtime clubs and external projects. Our curriculum also demonstrates a strong commitment to high quality arts provision through the implementation of workshops, specialist projects and external agencies.

At Avalon, we value the arts in promoting communication skills and supporting pupils’ social and emotional needs. Many classes participate in Arts activities with a Thrive focus, supporting pupil’s emotional development. We also use the arts in therapeutic intervention with music and drama therapists commissioned to deliver these sessions.

Some examples of Arts provision at Avalon

Young’Uns workshops- exploring British values through singing: A Whole school SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) themed day organised with cross-curricular music links.

Light painting during Arts Week: Exploring photography techniques and experimenting with light and dark.

Bollywood dance workshops: Exploring movement and music with a cultural theme.

Jackdaws song Story project: a unique project, designed to introduce pupils to the music of the great composers by engaging them in a live performance, using the composer’s music as inspiration to a dramatic narrative of their own creation.

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