Art Collaboration

As part of our community and volunteering sessions, Class 4L ran a collaborative art project with KS2 pupils from Brookside school. KS4 pupils carefully planned the art sessions, planning how they would introduce the project, what skills they would teach and what equipment they would need. They considered carefully, the types of skills you might need for a career working with children and thought carefully about how they might help and encourage the children. Pupils also worked on developing a range of transferable skills including using their own initiative to solve problems, communicating confidently and effectively with others, giving clear instructions, working collaboratively as a team and being able to reflect on their own practice and set their own next steps.

Pupils found it a little daunting at first but staff were impressed by the progress they made. Pupils supported the younger children by offering praise, encouragement and helpful suggestions and were able to reflect realistically on their own progress and next steps.

Both KS4 Avalon pupils and KS2 Brookside pupils enjoyed the project and were enthusiastic throughout. They especially enjoyed getting messy and flicking and splashing the paint, to great effect. They have produced two collaborative pieces of Art that they can be truly Proud of. One piece of art is displayed at Avalon and the other at Brookside. You can see one of these pieces on display in the office lobby and we think you’ll agree, it’s pretty spectacular! 

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