Admissions Information


All pupils at Avalon School have either a statement of special educational needs or, increasingly, an Education Health and Care Plan which replaces the statement of SEN. This is needed in order for a pupil to join the school.

SEN statutory panel

Following the annual review of your child’s statement of SEN or Education Health and Care Plan, you may request, through the review process, that your child’s information be sent to Avalon School if you would like your child to be considered for a place with us. This would be via the Local Authority’s SEN statutory panel. This panel may also send your child’s information to other schools for consideration.

We would then consider whether we would be able to meet your child’s needs and we inform the Local Authority of this. Should we offer a place for your child, your views as parents/carers are also taken into account.

The Local Authority confirms the offer of a place at the nearest school to where you live which has places available and which is able to meet your child’s needs.

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