Accreditation and Progression Information

We have high aspirations for the progress and attainment of all our pupils. This is captured in a variety of ways.

Key stage 3: this includes identification of pupils' progress targets in English and maths, for pupils working in stage 1 these are rooted in  'The Profound Curriculum', for those working in stage 2 they are set as P-Level targets and for stage 3 learners they are set as Age Related Expectations. 

Key stage 4 and sixth form: this includes identification of progress in relation to the level and range of accreditations gained. We are highly focussed on pupils’ individual needs, their interests and ensuring high challenge for all. This is promoted through regular review and flexibility of our accreditation offer over time. For some of our sixth form students higher accreditation challenge is encompassed in those accreditations which require them to progress by evidencing their ability to apply skills and knowledge in a range of real life and functional contexts. Click here for an overview of our accreditation pathways. 

For all pupils progress in terms of their more 'holistic' development, equipping them with skills for life, is also key. This includes ensuring their personal, social and emotional development; building their self esteem and confidence; the ability to persevere with their learning; to problem solve and to become increasingly independent. Pupils' progress in these areas is also reliably captured in pupil self reflection and parent and carer feedback over time and from year to year.

The documents below outline our most recent pupil progression data in terms of progression and accreditations.


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