6th Form

Learning for Life

The 6th Form curriculum is an extension of our whole school curriculum, click here for further information.

Key Principles 

In 6th Form, our primary aim is to prepare our students for adulthood so that they are able to confidently participate in their local community.

Students are offered a personalised curriculum that promotes and develops:

·         Independence

·         Interests and aspirations

·         Communication and social skills

·         Self-awareness

·         Healthy living

·         Emotional well-being

·         Confidence and self-esteem

·         English and maths through real life experiences

·         Personal safety

Students will do this through a varied curriculum that includes:

·         Community participation

·         Work experience placements

·         Accredited learning

·         Functional skills controlled assessments

·         Sensory experiences

Students’ timetables are personalised to meet their specific needs and interest. This evolves in response to emerging areas of interest and future placements post Avalon.


The 6th Form curriculum is carefully planned to consider the needs of our current cohort. Currently, the 6th Form curriculum offer accreditations from a number of Exam boards including ASDAN, BTEC and NCFE, to ensure that all students are highly challenged to provide them with relevant qualifications for future work and leisure.

Entry and Post Entry learners work towards Functional Skills controlled assessments in English and Maths. Students develop their communication skills and numeracy skills in work related and real life contexts.

This year, some students will be working towards a Level 1 Certificate in Art and Design, to develop their personal interest in art and photography. Where appropriate, most students also have the opportunity to work towards a Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene qualification. 


Avalon promotes the value of healthy living across the school. In 6th Form students access new experiences in the local community to develop personal interests, healthy living and communication skills with a range of unfamiliar people. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves physically but also develop their social skills through leisure activities. This year, students will be accessing a range of leisure activities such as dog agility, spinning, Martial Arts and street dance.

Cycling Proficiency

In 6th Form, we want our students to develop road safety awareness to prepare them for adulthood post Avalon School.  This year, where appropriate, students will be offered the opportunity to participate in safety sessions with Somerset Road Safety instructors and will work towards Level 1 or Level 2 Bikeability.


In Sixth Form, our aim is to continue developing students’ independence and personal safety, both at home and in the community. Students are supported to visit a local supermarket, buy items and cook a simple meal. In Sixth Form, students run a school snack trolley and are responsible for stock taking and replenishing snack trolley items. Students are supported to manage their own money when out in the community and develop their social skills when communicating with unfamiliar adults.

Duke of Edinburgh

Avalon School deliver the Duke of Edinburgh Award as part of the 6th Form curriculum. Students will work towards the following challenges to participate in the Bronze programme:

·         Develop skills in a physical activity

·         Develop a non-physical skill

·         Volunteering

·         2 days (1 night) expedition – walking a planned route, camping, working as a team and preparing meals

Participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme enables students to demonstrate a number of key skills valued in 6th Form; team work, determination, commitment and healthy living.

This is a valued and highly regarded achievement by employers and colleges. For more information, please visit the Duke of Edinburgh website; https://www.dofe.org/

Work Experience

Where appropriate, students will be supported for employment through work experience opportunities. Opportunities are planned around students’ individual needs and interests, and are aimed at supporting progression towards next steps in independence. All students are provided with an opportunity to participate in a short block or weekly work experience within the school environment. Entry and Post Entry learners will be supervised to participate in a short block or weekly work experience in the local community.

Preparation for work 

In 6th Form, there is an emphasis on learning taking place in the wider community, opening up the world beyond school for the students and enabling them to develop the skills and confidence to move into adulthood successfully. Students work towards accreditations rooted in preparation for work.

Lunch Bunch Cafe

Our weekly pop-up café, 'Lunch Bunch Cafe' is well established and has previously been based in the Sixth Form centre.  Previously, it has been managed and staffed by Sixth Form students, with food ordered from a local bakery and served to invited groups of customers.

This year students are taking their revised ‘Lunch Bunch’ café ‘on the road’ in the local community. Students will be launching their new pop up cafe and bakery delivery service.

During café learning, students will work towards Entry Level 3 ‘Employability Skills’ or Level 1 ‘Certificate in Business and Enterprise’; exploring appropriate customer service, managing money and the skills needed to run a business successfully. Pre-Entry learners will focus on developing communication skills, baking skills and personal care routines (ASDAN ‘Towards Independence’ modules). Where appropriate, most students will be supported to develop their understanding of safe food handling, to gain a Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene qualification.

Avalon Leavers’

Careful planning is made to ensure that Avalon leavers receive an appropriate transition placement.

Leavers’ achievements are recognised and celebrated every year with a leavers’ celebration assembly and Leavers’ Prom in the Summer Term. 6th Form students take responsibility in organising the theme and decorations of the prom. Students are proud of and find great enjoyment in being a part of these special events.

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