Sixth Form Sensory Learners

For all students in Sixth Form timetables are personalised based on need, students' interest and transition. For some students a personalised sensory curriculum is most appropriate. These personalised timetables offer group, whole class and individual opportunities for learning on a daily basis.

For these students their timetables are highly individual and sessions are personalised to offer a breadth of experiences in school, the community and specialist centres, providing an appropriate level of challenge. This holistic curriculum is designed with the support of a range of professionals to ensure that students physical, medical, communication and sensory needs are met. Independence is promoted at a personal level.  For some, this may be evidenced through the development of communication and for others it may be independently taking clothes to the washing machine.

Students are also supported to develop their communication at a level appropriate to them.  This may be using an iPad talker, switches, PECs, intensive interaction, eye gaze or contact, gesture or stilling. The development and promotion of communication runs through every session of a personalised timetable.

The curriculum is designed to offer a high level of community engagement, with weekly sessions in the local area, with a focus on different facilities each term, for example places to eat, shop or of interest. Students progress towards WJEC personal progress accreditation units, including engaging with people while in their community.

In addition to these, personalised timetables may include: physiotherapy sessions, hydrotherapy, atmospherics, intensive interaction, positioning programmes, teacch stations, discrete communication sessions and VI programmes (including mobility), these sessions are selected based on pupils needs, so vary year to year. 

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