Avalon Sixth Form

Learning for Life

The Avalon Sixth Form curriculum is an extension of our whole school curriculum, click here for information about the Avalon curriculum.

Key Principles 

In Sixth Form, our primary aim is to prepare our students for adulthood so that they are able to confidently participate in their local community.

Students are offered a personalised curriculum that promotes and develops:

  • Independence
  • Students' aspirations
  • Communication and social skills
  • Self-awareness
  • Healthy living
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Literacy and numeracy through real life experiences
  • ICT skills
  • Personal safety


  • Community participation
  • Work experience placements
  • Accredited learning
  • Functional skills controlled assessments
  • Sensory experiences
  • College links 

Students’ timetables are personalised based on need, transition and interest, with some students doing additional work experience and college slots; these opportunities increase in year 14 as part of transition. Their personalised timetable evolves in response to emerging areas of interest and future placement after school.

College Links

In Sixth Form, students are provided opportunities to participate in college placements. These college courses have been tailored to offer a variety of different further education experiences. Students are able to develop their social skills and interact with other similar Sixth Form young adults.

Work Experience Placements

Work experience placements are tailored to suit students’ needs and interests. Students may participate in a short block or weekly work experience, either within the school environment or out in the local community. 


We aim to improve our students’ independence and personal safety, both at home and in the community. Every week, students are supported to go shopping to a local supermarket and buy items they will need to make a simple meal twice a week. Students are also responsible for stock taking and replenishing snack trolley items. Students are supported to manage their own money when out in the community and develop their social skills when communicating with unfamiliar adults.

Students are given personal targets to improve a range of home skills which have been identified collaboratively by school staff and parents. Please refer to the ‘Individual Pupil Targets’ tab for more information about the targets that are set for all learners across the school.

Horticulture, hospitality and functional literacy and numeracy are embedded in real life contexts.

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