Parent and Family Support Advisor

It is with pleasure that I introduce myself to you.  My name is Angela Bolton and I am the Parent and Family Support Advisor for Avalon School. 

The aims of my role at:

  • To support parents and carers.
  • To strengthen communication between school and home.
  • To improve pupil attendance and achievement .
  • To ensure parents and carers are aware of outside agencies offering help and advice.
  • To encourage parents and carers to take an active part in their child's education and the running of their school.

I can offer:

  • Confidential and flexible support, advice and guidance.
  • Knowledge and assistance in accessing additional support services available.
  • Opportunities to meet with other parents and carers through regular organised events.

If you are a parent/ carer of a pupil at our school and you feel I can support you and your family in someway, I am in Avalon School on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and can be reached via email on

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