Destination Information

Destination information for students leaving KS4 and Sixth form over the past two years.

Our students leave Avalon for a range of destinations: mainstream colleges, specialist colleges and day centres.  These include: 

  • Strode College. Students are following a Foundation Learning course, which provides personalised programmes, which include a breadth of studies across a range of functional skills and work-related subjects.

  • Weston College. Students are following personalised programmes promoting the development of independence and communication skills.

  • Lufton College. Students are following personalised programme promoting the development of work-related, independence and communication skills.

  • The Beckery Resource Centre. Students are attending this day centre where those with more profound and complex needs can socialise, take part in a range of activities and pursue personal interests.

  • The Bradbury House Group. Students are pursuing a range of work-related and social activities across a number of day centres, including farm and craft centres, owned by the group.  

In previous years we have supported successful transitions to Bridgwater, Yeovil and Star Colleges and also to Foxes Academy.  

Students are supported to their next placement in a personalised transition planned with parents, carers, other professionals and the students themselves.The length of the transition process varies considerably, according to the needs of individual students.

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